ssayan manga

Photo Alain Gheysens

ssayan manga, the conceptual double of ssayan, searches for the primitive gesture, simplified, deconstructed, into a dynamic and festive expressive form of dance based upon the pulsation and the work on the rhythm.

Because paradise is inhabited by a strange woman, ssayan manga, multiple persona, both wild and sophisticated.

In the performances of innuit & ssayan, ssayan is an hybrid creature that looks like a manga: in Japanese, manga is an aimless image, a free line: she’s the paltry link between innuit and the rest of the world.

There are arabesques and interlaced in ssayan’s body, on her body-paintings.
She’s an interface: projective space of connection between the artist and the spectator, between the self and the other, between the same and the alter.

Together, innuit & ssayan form an universe which abolishes the dualities, the contradictions and the paradoxes of time and space, to join the yin and the yang, what goes and what remains, the future and the ancestral…



Photo Sonia Heloïse

The main comparse of ssayan manga is innuit, a super Eros with an elephant head, a kind of postmodern Ganesh, in a cartoony universe: naked as the origins, an unformatted person, innuit plays with social codes to reinterpret the relationship between men and women.


ssayan manga is an unspeakable mix of Le Grand Meaulnes, Hermann Hesse and San Ku Kaï.