Sylvain Paris, alias innuit siniswitchi, alias Koloro Koro, Sylvain and ssayan, Sylvain Essayan love messing up with their traces.
Xavier Löwenthal

Drawing Sylvain Paris

Drawing Sylvain Paris


Photo Sonia Heloïse

Sylvain Paris is a painter, cartoonist and performer.

He made comics as a teenager from 1976 to 1982.

In 1984, he began painting and produced numerous exhibitions in France, Belgium, Germany, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Denmark, Switzerland, Italy, Sweden, Turkey, Latvia, Russia, China, Senegal and United States.

Sylvain Paris signs his drawings with the pseudonym koloro koro.
In 2004, he created innuit siniswichi, his second pseudo, also his conceptual double (the man with elephant head) which will later allow him to perform.
He returns to comic books in 2004.

In 2005, he developed the concept of self body art, where the artist, through innuit, his conceptual character – naked and wearing an elephant mask, offers to women artists the possibility to create an artwork on or from his body.
Then, he began to perform in 2006 (La Haye, Minden, Paris-Cergy), and realises plastics works from his performances, on the principle of body-comics*.

In 2006, he met Xavier Löwenthal, editor of The 5c (Brussels), and published a series of three books, talking about the innuit siniswichi’s zwanzes**: snaked trip & Co (2007), la ligne rose / the pink line (2009) and volcano versicolor (2012), with the text contribution by the authors David Rosenberg, Xavier Löwenthal, Jean-Pierre Verheggen, Javier Kronauer, Pierre Sterckx and Pacôme Thiellement.
He also made thirty pages of comics in the catalog Vraoum! in 2009, Fage Editions – La maison rouge (The red house), Paris.
The fourth volume of innuit’s zwanzes, in extincto extasis, is now in progress.

In 2012, he met ssayan.
Through their duo innuit & ssayan, they performed – mainly body painting – in Belgium, France, Netherlands and Germany. Their performances go beyond the body-comics to a greater repertoire, in which the notion of play prevails.
They realised together publications and exhibitions, and currently prepare two books (a comics and a photonovel) and the sitcom innuit & ssayan.
By the end of 2013, ssayan and innuit decided by mutual agreement to stop their performances, to renew themselves and open up to other partnerships.


* The principle of body-comics by Sylvain Paris is to make a cartoon on innuit’s body during performances.
The performance is photographed or filmed, in order to transcribe the images in a plastic art form (painting, drawing, collage) and integrate them in a book – comics, catalogue, installation – where the performer artists become the heroes of their own productions.

** zwanzes, Brusseller’s word, is translated as trials and tribulations – somewhere between adventures and jokes.


Before, I drilled deep. Now I plough a field in a wide area.
Sylvain Paris