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ssayan, innuit and captain Xena
The trio perpetrates in perpetuity
The flowerness of art, of ass and minor pig.
Hear and see our beautiful naked bodies
And the extravagance of the artificer

Ele-fflip-ant, a hybrid corps
Infibulation of the imaginary
Flying poetry, casualness, fuckin’ lightness
We preach the collective creation
In the sidereal beauty of space-time.

Text by ssayan, Sandra Chapron, et Sylvain Paris

The rrose semoy association was founded in 2012 by Sylvain Paris and ssayan.
Sandra Chapron, a plastic and pyrotechnics artist, alias captain Xena, came to complete the team.

The rrose semoy name is linked to the association’s headquarters, in Haulmé (France), a small village by the river of Semoy.
The shape of the Semoy is all loops and twists, like every possible interlacing motif, snakes recalling the patterns present in the DNA, favourite themes of Sylvain Paris and ssayan in their common works.
The rrose rrolling the rr is an homage to the artist Marcel Duchamp, who created, in 1920, a fictional character named Rrose Sélavy, meaning Eros (Love) that’s life. Here, this character is symbolic of the desiring power of the art, the livingness of the artist, whose work is nothing else than a posture vis-à-vis the life and the existing world.

rrose semoy was the birthplace of the innuit & ssayan duo, through which the two artists have performed, wrote (texts, poems), made plastic and audio-visual artworks (paintings, drawings, comics, photos, videos, shows, dances and songs).
ssayan and Sylvain realised publications (books, postcards) and exhibitions inspired by their conceptual characters, innuit siniswichi and ssayan manga.

rrose semoy being an place for artistic residency, ssayan and Sylvain Paris greeted the photographer Martial Verdier into a collective creation: The wild tarot.

In October 2013, ssayan left her functions as secretary of rrose semoy, to devote her time to Blue Spoon, the artistic association she created with Cristian Samoila.

rrose semoy association
18, Place de la Mairie
08800 HAULME (France)
Tel: + 33 (0)3 24 57 34 67

Beauty and Happiness by rrose semoy

Performance by and with innuit and captain Xena