The constant search for dives in elsewheres

Cristian Samoila

Photo Cristian Samoila

Self taught, Cristian Samoila begins as a typist, then grows to art director functions in different advertising agencies starting 2002.

Passionated, he experiments by himself photography techniques in most unusual places: caves, aerobatic aircrafts and underwater environments.

Between 2007 and 2010, he follows the tours of Ada Milea, now one of the most important singers in the underground and alternative scene of Romanian music.

A native of Romania, Cristian Samoila traveled throughout Europe, living in Germany, then in Greece. Now, he lives between France and Belgium, where he works as press photographer in Brussels for the Rossel media group.

His approach is a dive in the spiritual and cultural diversity of different human groups.

In their association, BLUE SPOON, Cristian Samoila and ssayan imagine and shape artistic projects, which tend to the slender emergence of poetic intensity.
Small stories which conjure the great history, fine flights and strong intimacies to mend, fashion and free, in the corners and drawers of our soul.

Photo competitions and exhibitions:
2010: Photo exhibitions Dragu-mi-i, Metroart in Bucarest and Photo Marathon in Iasi (Romania)
2010 and 2011: Featured in Bak Magazine (US)
2009: First prize at the FAI (International Aeronautical Federation) – World Elite Aerobatics Formula photo contest
2008: Special prize in Tuzla – Fly-in photo contest

I want you in small bites and complete, but always in incertitude.

Text and photos Cristian Samoila


He sees thoughts as landscapes.
He thinks my questions as algorithms.