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Photo Cristian Samoila

Photo Cristian Samoila

In January 2013, ssayan founded BLUE SPOON artistic association with the photographer Cristian Samoila.

BLUE SPOON’s association purpose is to realise artistic and expressive activities at the intersection of body arts (performance, primitive expression, dance, music,…) and visual arts (photo, video, animation, etc.), favouring the mixing and crossbreeding of disciplines.

With Blue Spoon, ssayan places herself on a complementary realm in regard to the work she’s done previously with Sylvain Paris in the rrose semoy association, which blended plastic arts and body-painting.

As an extension to this approach, which rest on the impossible equilibrium point between the things, ssayan explores new paths with Cristian Samoila: multiform installations, video-performances, living shows and other entities which they named Media-UFOs.

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Photos Cristian Samoila

Thanks to Sonia Héloïse for her help in this photo shoot.