My partners are my guardian devils.

ssayan, innuit & Cristian Samoila

Photo Cristian Samoila

They galvanize this creative fire that comes as glints between oneself and the other.
Inventing with them is a hellish happiness.

If art is a combat (reference to Sylvain Paris, in his postcards series Lookoom combat), it’s above all a fight with oneself for polishing, every day, in a mad energy, this damn scathing attack that heats inside you, necessary contraction which gives birth to shapes.

The entity innuit & ssayan finds its marks in time.
My encounter with the artist Sylvain Paris allowed me to assert my approach, through the emergence of a new artistic identity, finally I should say the revelation of a new identity.
ssayan manga appeared, and the conjugated work with Sylvain Paris enabled me to assume, deploy and bring this character further than before.
Sylvain Paris has always wanted to be drawer and painter. He is sticking to it with a titanic and amazing willingness, that never bend.
Our duo innuit & ssayan continues to evolve, in a colourful abounding relationship.

With Cristian Samoila, the trend continues and ssayan flourishes in various projects, such as video performance and photography.
Cristian Samoila is soft and excessive, sweet and wild. Cristian’s ideas can wait for years, without ever being released, waiting more or less wisely their time. Thus he wrote, long ago, texts about photos he would take, and has taken much later, once duly he became a photographer.
Cristian Samoila moves continuously with his backpack, containing his thirty pounds of lenses and cameras. He’s always on the lookout for absolute and volatile moments, that may constantly arise.
Objective: to leave for knowledge, to go where the tracks are no longer, and recreate its own by the image, to not forget himself, to rebuild the way where we went, in an impatient unknown, ready to welcome these new imprints.
With Cristian, we develop now hybrid multimedia projects, from a mix of our various disciplines: we call them the Media-OVNIs (UFO-media if you prefer).

Blue Spoon and rrose semoy, the associations I founded with Cristian Samoila and Sylvain Paris, symbolize, each in their own style, this eternally renewed birth of the artist.

I am delighted to lead with both of them these exciting projects. They allow me to be regularly updated in multiple versions more or less accomplished of myself, and to go further, breaking away from my limits.

And besides recording the innuit & ssayan performances – most often filmed by Cristian – all three of us work on a common creation: innuit & ssayan, the sitcom!


To continue on their own way is what my partners have in common, even when there is no hope or reason to do: nothing deflects them and it is an eminently respectable strength.