I: Down the wood - Ambition

Photo Cristian Samoila

Performances without innuit!
ssayan leaves her speech balloons for new expeditions in her imagination, another variation of the origins, where the old (h)age of innuit & ssayanic era makes way for the new testament of post mangayanian era.
Don’t trunk yourself: the preceding performances née-and-earth-all evolved to the novel ones, more tacitly ethological. A more exploratory period, expectorant and peregrine.

Therefore, beyond the pink line, ssayan follows her red thread woven from a black world, sometimes violent, in which innuit would be in a cold sweat…
A universe of the Nature, of all the natures.
Another way of saying we are all animals.

Nascence of rhythm and Dress me! are mutant performances, a tectonic shift of plates.
The cocoon here embodies a revival.
The nude has disappeared, the new eve got dressed again.

Between the Proustific biscuit and the Search of the lost Doyle, ssayan enjoys a sensible extinction, better to be born somewhere else.
Rising slope slough…