ssayan - impromptu

Photo Cristian Samoila

Nothing attracts me as such as what happens unexpectedly, against all odds.

I should clarify that ssayan is a manga, and the manga is an error of course, a deviation of the way, by definition:

In Japanese language, manga means the paltry image, which happens inadvertently, as a free line, sketched drawing randomly, unwitting and aimlessly!

Impromptu are wild and unannounced performances.
They fall on you, there, inadvertently, and you know: at the crossroads of the game, the seriousness, you have the intuition and trust it’s now, you have to go cause in one minute it will be too late.

Sensory and sensitive, they open transitional spaces in our reality.


The small place – performance, Brussels, November 2012
The perambulation – performance, Rethel (France), February 2013

Sometimes I’m a game, I feel like a child playing with a small cat, or rather, the opposite: I’m the cat, the mind alert and the paw’s pad ready for anything…