Based on the live show Nascence of rhythm

Die Geburt des Rhythmus – 10. Sommernachts-raum
Gillenbeuren Artists Meeting, 10th edition (Germany)
June 30th, 2013

Dancing with the absence

The famous cocoon is reinstated by ssayan, who is again sewn inside.
The public watches simultaneously a double show: while the video of Nascence of rhythm is projected, ssayan reproduces the choreography in live, without her partner (the dancer and choreographer Olivier Vinkler).
At this meeting on the theme The reverse of the world ssayan tries an exercise of reconstruction: being two alone…

A nested video that films the image of the image of Oliviers’ first eclosion which overlaps, in interfering fibrils, with that of the instantaneous ssayan: a woven thread between real and virtual.


It was like dancing in a Matryoshka doll, in the drawers of the unconscious.