Ça deboîte !

ssayan & yaya ssayan, youri & roddy

ssayan currently works with her duo ssayan & the animals*, on musical compositions, double songs, that can be played both as electro music or in a minimalistic acoustic version. Their common point is a pulsating and rhythmic universe, almost shamanic:
ssayan is on a quest for a music in which the sound of the words is as important as their meaning, a world where an atypical reality blends with the strangeness of imaginary, circular samples and riffs, with haunting motifs.

The songs are thoughts as paintings, in a graphical manner, in which words have their own corporeity.

Soon, extracts to listen on the site,
specially addressed to the eaters of canned food!

*The duo ssayan & the animals basically consists of ssayan and Roddy, who is a protected species which comes from both the Iberian spider and
the high ceiling…