December 19th, 2012, at Péniche Antipode in Paris, ssayan was present in the Hugo for ever show, of the Bird’s language company, for a performative and polyvalent participation – dance, chorus, stage setting, body-painting and text collages, interactions with the public: a good shared moment!

Philippe Guinet

Philippe GuinetPhilippe Guinet is the proud creator of The Birds’ language Company, which is working to create and broadcast music and theatre shows (for children and adults).
The Birds’ language Company is active in many cultural, educational and scientific networks.
With his band Hugo for Ever, Philippe sings rhymes of the famous poet, on topical musics of his composition.
He also realizes magic tricks, excuse me, I mean he realizes singing tours (another wordplay: in French, the words trick and tour are homonyms) with his own compositions, which gaved shape to a CD entitled The Language of Birds and evoke with humor and tenderness our inner universes.

But who is this strange bird?

Born in the Zamblar Province, Philippe Guinet collects artifacts before starting a vibrational dynamics.
Projected on the screens, he comes to ally with some underlying volatiles, which help him to take off, on a concrete plan and also to other dimensions.
During this time, the harmonics follow him on Mongolian winds: you must see them massaging the air for hours.
While taking his cliques for fireflies, Philippe explores the large department stores of memory, and in extremis(t) find the conductive wire of the razor’s edge (wordplay: wire and edge are French homonyms for fil). Beardless but not reclusive, he contacts some words while structuring some sentences (and vice versa).
Using the sound of his throat to wear out the meaning, he loves sunbathing his vocal cords on musical beaches.

Why this name?

Beyond our enthusiasm for these mysterious volatile musicians, the Language of the birds is a sacred and secret language, transmitted since immemorial times by the Elders: the troubadours, the faithful of love, alchemists and Kabbalists, whose ear has always been sensitive to the music of letters and words.


ssayan vocalized and manga-nized the songs of Philippe, especially his spider-galactic hit L’araignée et l’ortie (The spider and the nettle) – an adaptation of a poem by Victor Hugo.


Hugo for Ever CD Photo Philippe Guinet