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Martial Verdier - Selfportrait

Martial Verdier – Autoportrait

He is a man of fine culture, serene and hectic, a storyteller often quoting Victor Hugo: “There is nothing like a dream to create the future.

Martial Verdier is a photographic artist, co-creator and host of the online journal TK-21, he is also a member of the Groupe Novembre, a collective of artists that offers a new vision of art photography in contemporary art.
Martial Verdier teaches photography at the University Paris-Est Marne-la-Vallée, and at the ESAM Design (Higher School of Modern Arts) in Paris.
Author of numerous publications, he loves the artistic residencies, workshops and he exhibits regularly.
In 2001, he participated at Faire Play, a dance performance conducted by choreographer Sophie Lessard, the photographer Xavier Lucchesi (X-ray works) and the Atlantic Ballet of the dancer and choreographer Régine Chopinot.

In 2012, Martial Verdier did an artistic residency at rrose semoy with ssayan and Sylvain Paris.
A collective work is born from this work: The wild tarot.

The artist prefers a reflexive approach which, rejoining the work of ssayan, questions us about the notions of time, identity – the image as a reflect of ourselves or from elsewhere? – non-completion, transformation and alterity.

What about the resemblance, at the time of biometric passports and of ultra standardized identity photos? Yet, it seemed, since Bertillon, that the picture was the identity.
In my images, cognition allows recognition, there is still enough detail to be able to discern the link with real people, and not much more.
But at no time we can confuse the image with the person itself, we aren’t almost in the treachery of images.

The photo is the art of the imperfect.
The imperfect is in the defect too, in the unfinished, and in the game of the alteration.
It is also going to the otherness.

Martial Verdier



Calotype Martial Verdier

The exposure time of calotype is very long, which leads to a performance of and with the model. 15 minutes of immobility is to feel time with your body. Martial Verdier


The other brings us back to the transition and to the border, terms which, with limits and fringes, best define my work.
Martial Verdier