Taking his realities for dreams

Reserved by Neo

Photo : Cristian Samoila

First co-creation between ssayan and Cristian Samoila, Reserved by Neo is conceived as a strange installation, mixed raced born from one onirism and a fragile disorientation.

Cosmopolitan, stateless, this iconography of chipped rallies photos, texts and video, into the scraps made of a corpus of images and sounds.

An perambulatory tale, with non narrative frame that however tells, real stories: an experience in the subway ; Haikus about the origin.

It follows on an oppressive, invasive atmosphere, where still images station into texts and fleeing decors, through the background noises, forming a landscape: some kind of an internalised outdoor travel…
(The reverse is true also.)

Reserved by Neo is a tale, fairy and ferry. The injured wand orchestrates the emptiness, transporting a vacuum, opened by the banality onto broken and dense journeys of life, in a parade.