I’ve been alone a long time.
I found her at dawn, after a sleepless night.
She was there, that frolicked without fanfare on the calm waters of a pond.
On the extent of my loneliness, I immediately knew her name: Inertia…
I was so tired of me, eyes surrounded by dark and shaggy.
She also seemed exhausted by the endless nights, threadbare.
Fixed by the alert, unstable and shivering, she twitched at each step of my mind.
Cause Inertia is an idea; a fixed idea, an obsession.
She was so beautiful, I decided to keep her, to tame her, maybe to make a companion out of her.

I’ve seen her fern eyes open one morning onto a world where the wings flapping of the immense hope barely distinguish themselves from the other noises which are those of terror […]
André Breton - Nadja