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naked universe
24 pages of comics by innuit & ssayan

naked universe was drawn during the participation of the artist Sylvain Paris at 24h comics by Grandpapier (Brussels, 2012), from ssayan’s texts.

24h comics is an event organized since 2008, by L’employé du Moi (french for The employee of The Self, a pun on the expression The employee of the Monthmonth is mois in French).
The principle is simple: the authors meet and each one has to complete a 24 pages comic book in 24 hours, on the stopwatch!

L’employé du Moi is an independent comics publisher from Brussels, Belgium.
Its production evolves over the desires, experiences, energies and encounters. It focuses on the stories inhabited by a certain intimacy, sometimes tinged with autobiography, possibly conceptual stories and not necessarily narrative.
All genres are covered, from humor to tragedy, as long as it tells and that they let us do what we like!
L’employé du Moi has also turned to parallel projects, such as the publication of books on Grandpapier (french for Bigpaper) since 2007, which is as a platform for diffusion of comics on the web.
(source: Wikipedia)

La 5c (The 5c or The fifth layer), when you know his independent spirit, was naturally present at the 24h of comics, with artists Xavier Lowenthal, William Henne and Sylvain Paris.

naked universe finds its place in Grandpapier, by its self-reflexive nature: the characters have effects on their authors, as the art creates ripples in the life.
This creation is largely autobiographical, affective and intimate, the depravity of innuit & ssayan being inspired by the performances and related to the experience of their authors.

innuit & ssayan are united with the nudity.
A nudity which doesn’t comes from the indecency, obscenity or debauchery, but from the innocence, eroticism and origin.