ssayan manga, ambulant paradoxe

Do you think you become a comic book character like that? As you can’t judge a book by its cover, hair bunches and asymmetric shoes is not enough to become ssayan manga!

No, for that to happen, you have to be soaked in a gouache painting bath every morning, you have to get your make-up with felt-tip pens, and you must bubble in your head, from night until dawn.
You have to be imperfect, and especially not yet achieved, you have to be however maybe yes but really, never sure to exist I’ve a permanent doubt.

You must live from the end to the beginning:
become a child again,
gently dozing to awake dreams,
you gotta breath grumbling and be temperamental,
be happy, be bored and blend the two.

Because to become a manga, you have to be upside down.

Photos: Frane
Drawings: koloro koro

I always had the impression of living in a comic book,
then become truly virtual, I find it bubbleversant!*

* Word game on second degree humour, with bulleversant, which is already a pun on bouleversant: French for upsetting.