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MétaKatz - pages 134-135

MétaKatz – pages 134-135

The MIAU performance, presented by innuit & ssayan at the Book Festival of Nancy (June 2012), is a bodily apology for the freedom of expression, inspired by the Katz/Maus case.


Collective book coordinated by Ilan Manouach and Xavier Löwenthal

Extract from the book:

MetaKatz - cover“Who hasn’t heard of the Katz case, from the name of this book, a hijacking of Maus by Art Spiegelman, who was the subject of a counterfeiting trial and then to a pulping in presence of a bailiff?

Katz had, by a simple and systematic operation, proposed a new interpretation and reinterpretation of Maus: all heads of different species were replaced by cat heads.

As Art Spiegelman has published MetaMaus, with a bonus DVD, to return to the origins and the aftermath of Maus, The 5th layer returns to the beginning and to the consequences of Katz by publishing MétaKatz, with a bonus vinyl record.

MétaKatz is the act which constitutes the “end-case” of Katz. The end-case, which wouldn’t be it, of an act that provokes questioning, but that no longer exists and can no longer exist, Katz having been destroyed. It needs to do the theoretical and critical act, this one authorised, which will uphold these important questions, those that have been explicitly asked and others, both legally and artistically.

MétaKatz backs on the history of copyright and its exceptions (parody, quotation, pastiche …), about history of the art of diversion, collage and sampling (as old as the art itself) and about the necessary evolutions of the law and the creation in the digital age.”

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