innuit & ssayan - sitcom

Photo Cristian Samoila

An eroticomic reinvention of the male/female relationships

After their live and video performances, innuit & ssayan prepare to enter your home!

innuit & ssayan give you great advices about the 21st Century neo-modern good manners: innuit is an object-man to the delight of ssayan. Throughout the sitcom innuit & ssayan, ladies, you’ll discover unprecedented potentials of your husbands’, lovers’ or companions’ body.

The sitcom innuit & ssayan is a contemporary manifesto on the new man/woman, heterosexual and pachismo (the opposite of machismo) reports for a new feminism at third degree, where the man is naked, potiche and filled to be as useful and functional for women of our day.

I’m more a lookcat than a watchdog! For an ungainly and laughingly machofemism (or femomachism), egalitarian and free: with innuit, it’s not horny trunk!