Rüdiger Westphal Rüdiger Abshalom Westphal is a performance artist, which runs for many years the FzKKE associative art gallery, in Euskirchen, Germany.

Former student of Joseph Beuys, the approach of Rüdiger Abshalom Westphal comes, clearly and directly, in the line of his former master and professor.


Joseph Beuys (1921-1986) is a German artist, who has produced a number of drawings, sculptures, performances, Fluxus, happenings, videos, installations and theories, in a very politically active artistic ensemble.
The work of Joseph Beuys is a constant questioning on the themes of humanism, ecology, sociology, and especially anthroposophy (school of thought of Rudolf Steiner, which appears near the beginning of the 20th century, and attempts to consider spirituality in a scientific way).
His work led him to define in the 70’s the concept of social sculpture – echoed by cARTed association – as a total Artwork, stated in the slogan Everyone is an artist, by the requirement of a creative collaboration between society and policy.
Both controversial and admired, Joseph Beuys is considered as the German equivalent of the Fluxus artists (a contemporary art movement, born in the sixties). He is, on international level, one of the greatest German contemporary artists.
(source: Wikipedia)

Rüdiger is a wonderful Boche, former devourer of Prussian children. Since the last Global Artistic Dearth, he started to toupee us a top moumouting art of Ogre. Rüdiger is a kind, bountiful tenderon man, in his playful and mischievous diversity.