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ssayan is a dancer in primitive expression, a dynamic and festive expression dance form based on the pulsation, which rallies the voice to a rhythmic gesture, deconstructed and simplified as to obtain an archetypal and stylised movement.
On an artistic level, the primitive expression falls within a primitive aesthetics founded on the research of simple and essential shapes.
It’s also a form of dance therapy.

Following a major in Art Therapy, Performing Arts section at the Faculty of Medicine, Descartes University, Paris (2005-2007), ssayan specialised herself during four years at the Atelier du Geste Rythmé / Rhythmic Gesture Atelier (Paris), with France Schott-Billmann (doctor in psychology, psychoanalyst and anthropologist), between 2006 and 2010.

After her formative years at the Rhythmic Gesture Atelier, ssayan proposed and animated for several years dance expression ateliers, both as a leisure activity and, in a more specialised environment, as an art-therapy practice.
ssayan has intervened for children and adolescents victims of abuse, while working at the Child Protection Authority, where she has been a social worker between 2005 and 2012.

The approach of ssayan is a result of a transversal lecture of the dance starting from several interpretations: anthropological, historical, artistic and psychological, where the individual is taken in charge in his psycho-corporeal dimension.
She created her ateliers in a ludic, warm and festive spirit.

From 2011 to 2013, ssayan has animated an open weekly primitive expression atelier, in Charleville-Mézières, France. This space was envisioned as a sort of well-being and self-realisation laboratory. A place to experiment a research to pave the way between our inner and outer worlds, through a translation by the visible gesture.

In a more nomadic perspective, ssayan presents now one-off, specific and mobile ateliers along her voyages, as well-being days, week-ends or weeks.

More than the animation of care and well-being ateliers, ssayan integrates the primitive expression in her artistic work, where the corporeal dimension is central.
She brings the gestural and rhythmic elements into her performances, mostly through her double ssayan manga, whose universe gives an important place to primitivism.

Atelier découverte Expression Primitive

Photo Cristian Samoila

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