the cocoon. the original pulse. the duplication

ssayan was invited at the Dance Gala of Olivier Vinkler, on a music of the electro band Abstract To The Beat (ATTB), June 28th, 2013

The primitive beat

Everything starts with a unique breath, shy heartbeat, slightly beat that takes shape, then is doubled, multiplying finally to the sky… then goes down all in nuances, from duplication to its new unicity.
In the meantime, the chrysalis is over, it’s removed. The experience is – in this return to origins – that we can’t be as in the beginning, and the cocoon, which closes on future births, is now made of arms, of a heart and, a tiny humanness…

Nascence of Rhythm is a dance duo where ssayan, sewn into a cocoon, extracts herself from her chrysalis in live while her friend Olivier Vinkler, dancer and choreographer, hatches from his own in a video projection: real and virtual acts simultaneously in a synchronous feeling.

The dance duo Nascence of rhythm was re-created in solo by ssayan, through an adaptive performance.

Eclosion video, where the dancer Olivier Vinkler extricates himself from the primordial cocoon.