Since 2011, ssayan is part of the Love til Death company created by Déborah Réa, dancer and choreographer.
The show of the same name – Love til Death – is an entertaining eclectic cabaret.
A man travels and loses himself between three women who embody the desire, pleasure and trance.
With Déborah Réa (choreography and dance), Elisabeth Page (dance), ssayan (dance and vocals) and Jordann Zammit (vocals).

The trance, played by ssayan, was the first form of what later became the character ssayan manga, hybrid and imbalanced: bunches, asymmetry, unsteady gait and jerky gestures are already there.

Déborah Réa danced for three years in the Parisian Ballet Visage company, conducted by the choreographer Nicole Galy, important figure of the neoclassical dance.
In 2000, Déborah Réa started her own dance school, Debby Jazz (jazz and contemporary) in Charleville-Mézières, where she’s invested as instructor and choreographer, mounting a number of shows with her pupils. In 2011, she created the Amour à Mort company. She pursues her formation and feeds her inspiration by exchanges and meetings with dancers from big companies in France and Italy.


Repetition of Mein Herr, from the musical Cabaret (1966)

Amour à Mort - Goldeneyes Amour à mort - The Trance Amour à Mort - Elan

Ardennais_04avril2013 La Semaine des Ardennes, 4 avril 2013 - Un spectacle réussi